Advertising requirements

Requirements of the Government Advertising Act (2011) and the Government Advertising Regulation (2018) including Peer Review, Compliance Certificates and Cost Benefit Analysis are explained as well as key evaluation and approval polices.

Advertising Handbook

The NSW Government Advertising Handbook explains how to comply with the legal and policy requirements for advertising. It sets out the standards and procedures for planning, preparing, managing and reporting of advertising activities.

Media Planning and Buying for campaigns

Communications and Engagement manage the Media Agency Services (MAS) Contract and the Advertising and Digital Communications Services Prequalification Scheme (the Scheme). Both are whole-of-government arrangements to assist NSW Government departments with cost effective media buying, placement, creative and digital communications services for advertising.

Forms and Templates

The forms and templates relate to Peer Review, Media Agencies Campaign Briefing, Advertising Compliance Certificate, NSW Government Advertising Handbooks and Guidelines, Cost Benefit Analysis for Government Advertising and the Advertising and Digital Services Prequalification Scheme conditions and guidelines.

Expenditure Reporting

The Government Communications team reports on whole-of-government media expenditure through the Media Agency Services contract. Reports of media expenditure for individual public awareness campaigns are updated and published on a quarterly basis and reports of total media expenditure for individual government agencies are updated and published every six months.

Advertising and Digital Communications Services Prequalification Scheme

The scheme provides NSW Government access to service providers that have a wide range of skills, expertise and experience covering creative advertising and digital communication categories.

Aboriginal and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Policy

NSW Government communication materials, including Government advertising campaigns, are to depict the diverse nature of NSW society in a fair, representative and inclusive manner and be consistent with the Multicultural Principles that are the policy of our state.