Aboriginal and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Policy

Communicating with Aboriginal and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) audiences

NSW is one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse states in the world.

NSW Government communication materials, including Government advertising campaigns, are to depict the diverse nature of NSW society in a fair, representative and inclusive manner and be consistent with the Multicultural Principles that are the policy of the state.

Agencies are responsible for ensuring that all people in the NSW community have access to the relevant information about its services, programs and opportunities. When planning Government advertising campaigns or other communications, agencies should be sensitive to the cultural and linguistic diversity of people within their target audiences. Public information and awareness advertising campaign submissions should include evidence that shows explicit consideration has been given to people from culturally and linguistically diverse and Aboriginal audiences.

It is required that agencies allocate at least 7.5 per cent of an advertising campaign media budget to direct communications with multicultural and Aboriginal audiences. Spend may be on media or non-media communication activities as deemed most effective for the campaign.

The nature and needs of the audience should determine both the proportion of budget (observing the above requirement) and the communication strategies to reach various segments. Agencies should also carefully consider the content, images, media and activities selected to ensure the advertising is as effective as possible for each target audience identified and is considerate of cultural sensitivities.

Non-media communications activities must be related to the campaign and could include activities such as events, participation at cultural festivals, direct mail, competitions and websites. The agency’s approach to both media and non-media activities should be informed by research and evidence and will be considered as part of peer review.

Agencies should provide information on the evaluation of their initiatives to target culturally and linguistically diverse and Aboriginal audiences in their reporting on advertising effectiveness. Agencies should also report on these activities as part of the Multicultural Policies and Services Program reporting requirements, overseen by Multicultural NSW.