Peer Review Notification Form

To arrange a peer review, please complete and submit this form ideally four to eight weeks prior to the proposed peer review meeting date. Once received, we will contact you to confirm meeting date and time.

Timings to note

  1. DPC's facilitator will provide peer review report within five working days of the meeting. 
  2. Where possible, the campaign team should respond to the peer review report within two weeks to ensure a prompt review and response from DPC. Responses that exceed this timeframe may result in longer lead times.
  3. Campaign teams should allow two to four weeks from their first response to the report to receiving the letter of completion.
  4. Campaigns over $1 million should allow a minimum of six to eight weeks from date of peer review to readiness for the Cabinet Standing Committee on Communication and Government Advertising. The campaign team should consider their own internal approval timing for the cabinet submission. 

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