The NSW Government brand helps communicate the work of the government. The brand raises awareness in the community about the services, initiatives and projects being delivered by the NSW Government and increases transparency around how taxpayer funds are being spent. It is therefore important that the NSW Government brand is used prominently and consistently across government communications. 

This information is reinforced by the DPC Circular issued on 7 August 2017. 

NSW Government Brand Guidelines

Effective from 7 August 2017, the revised NSW Government Brand Guidelines explain the principles behind the brand and how to correctly apply the NSW Government logo in communications. Key updates include:

  • the NSW Government Waratah logo will be shown prominently on all advertising, project signage and external facing government communications
  • the NSW Government Waratah logo is the only brand identity to be used on these assets in most circumstances
  • the ‘Making It Happen’ and ‘NSW NOW’ brands should no longer be used
  • previous agency or advertising branding exemptions no longer apply


For information on branding exemptions contact [email protected] 

How to acknowledge NSW Government funding

The Funding Acknowledgment Guidelines for Recipients of NSW Government Grants ensure consistency in the acknowledgement of funding contributions to projects across the state. NSW Government agencies responsible for administering funding schemes are required to ensure the recipients of funds adhere to the requirements in the new guidelines.

In order for there to be a legally binding requirement to acknowledge the government’s funding, the obligation must be set out in the funding agreement entered into with the funding recipient. Template funding agreements would need to contain the obligation on the part of the funding recipient to acknowledge the NSW Government’s funding and comply with the guidelines in providing that acknowledgement.

For more information contact [email protected]

Digital Design System

The NSW Government’s Digital Design System contains a digital design style guide that includes advice on colours, layout, typography and the Waratah logo placement.