Website guidelines

Follow the Australian Government’s Digital Service Standard

Digital Service Standards are a list of criteria that governments must meet when providing digital services. This covers all online products, including websites, intranets, user interfaces such as forms and online services, and mobile apps.

Digital Service Standards are based on putting people’s needs first and in making digital services easy to use.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, we suggest agencies follow the Australian Government’s Digital Service Standard. This standard came into effect in 2016 and outlines broad usability and accessibility principles for websites and digital services developed at a national level.

The Australian Government Digital Transformation Agency also provides guides to meet the Digital Service Standard criteria and best practice.

We also recognise the Digital by Default Service Standard used in the United Kingdom. The UK approach has set the best-practice standard for digital service delivery and the Australian Government has modelled their service standard on it. 

This information from the FACS Digital Accessibility Standard by the FACS Digital team is licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0